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Time & Material

Meeting the needs of supplementation or structuring of specialized teams, the allocation of service you in the team model & material of deal is characterized by providing specialized resources through a process of care and monitoring to support the client in their demands of everyday life.

Why use this service

The allocation service professionals in the team model aims to meet all material & process for providing professionals to compose the client team at any technical level, operational or management, for time or indeterminate.


Why Deal

Database with more than 25,000 professionals registered with long-term contracts with customers market reference. We do the complete process involving recruitment, selection, hiring and monitoring of professional technical, operational and levels of management.

We conduct periodic technical and behavioral assessments, with application of specific tests. Acting under behavioral, technical and foreign language where necessary.

Our HR Department conducts regular monitoring of performance and professional adaptation. We work with employee satisfaction index above 90% of the allocation for you.