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e2e Convergence

Reference in Data Intelligence and Digital Transformation from strategy to execution (end-to-end). Learn more about how we organize our portfolio to help increase your business value stream.

Digital Strategy

Direct impact at business

Martech Vision

Achieve market goas and scale with technology.

Digital Delivery

It massifies technology within the company and solidifies it.

Data Intelligence

Works data organically through possibilities.


We were born in 2004, already specialized in digital transformation, even when no one was talking about it yet.
Take off
Deal starts its operations in São Paulo with three people.
From 2011 to 2014
Be Digital
Digital Startup Acquisition.
January 2017
Be Data
Deal Data Acquisition Startup Data.
2020 / 1˚ Q.
Deal wins the Great Place to Work Certification seal.
2020 / 4˚ Q.
CR2 Studio
Acquisition of CR2 Studio, specialized in Martech.
2020 / 4˚ Q.
GPTW 2021
Deal wins the Great Place to Work Certification seal in the 2021 again.
May 2004
Listed among the 250 fastest growing SMEs in Brazil.
October 2015
Creation of Colab and Research and Development Deal.
January 2017
Digital Deal Data Convergence
2020 / 2˚ Q.
Blue Digital
Blue Digital Acquisition Specialized in DevOps.
2020 / 4˚ Q.
Leader in Digital Transformation and Rising Star in Data.
2021 / 2˚ Q.

We are big because we serve the big ones.

Clientes Deal
Clientes Deal

ISG - Provider Lens

In 2020 Deal rose in quadrants in ISG Provider Lens as Leader in Digital Business and Services Partners as Leader and Rising Star in Data Infra and Data Science Services.

Great Place to Work

Being recognized as a GPTW is the dream of any company, few companies in Brazil have this seal and we pride ourselves on raising the level of quality and treatment among the people on our team.

Maintainer ABO2O

We seek to encourage public and private actions that contribute to the development and promotion of these technologies through articulation with other institutions.

Our Alliances and Business Partners

Our values, which builds and sustains our culture

We seek growth and profitability as a result of our actions

We love what we do and who we do business with

Overcoming: we do it today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today

We make our activity an act of serving others

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