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Genesys Project
EMS Health

How Deal Group, through the Digital Strategy and Martech business units, was able to support EMS Pharmaceuticals to better understand its customers, the entire journey of chronic and non-chronic patients to establish the best solutions and forms of relationship to generate value throughout the experience with the drug benefit program, EMS Health. Genesys Project was carried out from September to December 2020 with the approval and participation of the NC Group’s business and technology areas and specialists in solution architecture, management, UX and partner of the Deal Group verticals.

Tracking System

Unlike other applications in the industry, which only do traceability (focused on cargo risk management), WeBrado offers a full range of services. The customer obtains accurate and up-to-date information throughout the entire order cycle, from checkout to delivery. It is possible to consult invoices, booking (reservation of a place or space on a ship), deadline, ship, shipowner’s seal number, among other information that facilitate cargo loading procedures.

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