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Looking for a place to work?

We are proud to have professionals who are really great on what they do, for us each of these are stars of the Deal´s constellation. However, Deal is always looking for new and talented people.

Linkedin Jobs

Find your job in a GPTW company on Linkedin

Selecty Deal

We are always looking for high talented people to join us at Deal


Learn more about career path through Glassdoor

Deal Culture

Deal Culture is divided into a horizontal hierarchy inspired by Spotify model. We also have other internal divisions of which we are proud to promote and empower our employees to be protagonists of their careers.

Challenge Deal

Annual Senior Challenge and Junior Incentive Program in a challenge form.


Professionals with the same skills aligned horizontally for the purpose of exchanging ideas.


Research and Development with the Deal Innovation Center mentored by team One.


Extra skills that are used in the company, whether in public speaking or crochet. "If I know, We know!"

Be recognized

Everyone here has the opportunity to receive special recognition.


Managers show sincere interest in me as a person and not just as an employee

Keep Calm

This is a psychologically and emotionally healthy place to work.

Common sense

People avoid "politicization" and intrigue as a way to get results

Great Place to Work

Deal was ahead of the average market in all points above (GPTW)

Rising People

Promotions are given to people who really deserve it.

So, if you want to be the protagonist of your life, grow personally and professionally, with people who pull you up, see the opportunities we have for you:

We create this value proposition to the Deal Employee, or DealMaker, who understands our efforts to materialize the commitment.

Employee Value Proposition

Deal is committed to being one of the most amazing places to work, a place where people are the protagonists of their stories and where there is respect above everything else.





Freedom and Responsibility

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