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The digital technology strategy of any business needs to be aligned directly with the company's strategic goals.​

A well aligned strategy serves as a catalyst for increased productivity and efficiency of execution, increased quality of products and services, creation of new business models, expansion of markets, and flexibility of operations. As a result, companies have been achieving their business goals in an increasingly agile and efficient manner.

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Objetivos estratégicos
icone estrategia digital
Digital strategy

We help clients build a solid digital strategy. In it, we define the path that supports consistent and sustainable business growth, eliminate waste, optimize resources, and foster innovation throughout the process.​

imagem devops and cloud
icone Devops and cloud consulting
Devops and cloud Consulting

We help companies increase their efficiency and quality of digital product delivery.​

We build continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) processes, test automation, process optimization, real-time data monitoring and analysis to provide insights to take proactive actions and ensure that your organization’s entire ecosystem is efficient and protected from potential threats.

To support the migration of your applications to the cloud such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, we design robust, scalable and resilient architectures according to your needs. In addition, we implement security, monitoring and cost management practices to ensure a reliable and efficient environment.

imagem quality assurance
icone Quality assurance
Quality Assurance

We help clients prevent and detect errors, defects and flaws within their software development before putting it into production, and ensure, through strategies, methodologies, metrics and test automation, that even after new features your system keeps working properly...​

Our innovative approach goes beyond developing quality solutions in a customized way, focusing on avoiding problems and not only finding them.

Estratégia organizacional
icone Architecture consulting
Architecture consulting

We design a robust, efficient and scalable architecture that uses the standards and best practices for performance, security, configuration, monitoring, scalability and availability, proposing solutions that fit the current and future needs of your business.​

Design sprint
icone Mobile and web apps
Mobile & web apps

We develop robust, intuitive, scalable and affordable applications and Web Apps using the latest technologies and frameworks to provide the best experience for your users and meet your specific business needs.​

imagem modernização de legados
icone reestruturação de legados
Legacy Modernization​

We offer a range of services and technologies to ensure a process of transforming applications in various legacy states, technical and functional debts to a modern, scalable and flexible environment.​

In this process we value the balance of the governance, visibility, and automation pillars, and ensure a good usability and experience for users, developers, and end customers.

Data Strategy
icone data strategy

Data & AI

Focused on increasing the ability to process and extract value from data and improve the decision-making process, we support companies in designing the strategy and strengthening the data culture​.


We help companies improve the financial governance of their cloud operations, gain visibility into costs, optimize their resources and get meaningful results from their infrastructure, whether it's AWS, GCP, Oracle, Azure.

Using a tried and tested methodology, we combine finance and DevOps tools to provide real-time cost visibility, optimize cloud resources and implement FinOps in any cloud infrastructure.

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Mapeamento de objetivo

Tech assessment​

icone devops

Devops Implementation​

automação de tarefas

Automation and Orchestration​

icone servidores

Server provisioning and configuration management

Previsibilidade​ e escalabilidade

Data monitoring and analysis​

icone cloud

Cloud migration​

icone Segurança

Security automation, integration and acculturation​

Plano de aperfeiçoamento

Quality framework​

icone jornada do consumidor

Microservices architecture

icone Mobile web apps

Mobile, web apps

icone UX e UI


Definição de ferramentas

Maintenance, evolution and support​


Predictability, scalability and continuous improvement​

icone LGPD

LGPD Adequacy

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