Companies in all segments can gain great competitive advantage by investing in innovation.

Anticipate trends and needs, create more efficient, useful, and desirable products and services, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency, and increase profits and revenue by investing in innovation.

How we can help your business

Assessment de inovação
Ícone assessment de inovação

From the understanding of the maturity level of innovation in the company, we identify what impacts the development of innovation culture and propose an action roadmap to solve the deficits found​

Estratégia de inovação
ícone estratégia de inovação

We build the company's innovation strategy, with the decomposition of goals, initiatives, indicators, and business process direction, besides promoting the alignment of initiatives to the business strategy

Programas de formação
Icone formação de programas
Formation of programs and management models​

We structure innovation areas and centers, organize and develop hackathons and events, and support clients in forming and hiring teams

Estrutura de processos
Icone estrutura de processos

We model innovation management flows that are adherent to the client's current business challenges and, also, with a projection for the future, as well as direct efforts to open innovation​

Inovação aberta
ícone estratégia de inovação

In an agile, structured and collaborative way, we conceptualize and tangibilize an idea in a short period of time, focusing on the productivity of teams for a dynamic transformation and digital innovation​

Disseminação de conhecimento
Ícone disseminação de cultura
Dissemination of knowledge and culture​

We help businesses to walk steadily, pursuing growth with efficiency and promoting process improvements, always based on data analysis and without leaving aside the user journey​


See below how we can help you leverage your business​

icone inovação antecipada

Anticipatory Innovation


Strategic Foresight & Business Challenge

Visão de investimentos

Creating New Business Models​

icone discovery

Creating New Products and Services


Innovation Hub creation

Plano de gestão da mudança organizacional​

Cultural Transformation​

automação de tarefas

Change Management​


Corporate Performance Management​

icone monitoramento de tendências

Trends continuous Monitoring​

Mapeamento de objetivo

Research and intelligence​

icone jornada do usuario

Review and creation of user journey​

Arquitetura corporativa

Innovation teams topology​

icone canais de inovação

Innovation channels creation

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