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Docker Containers

Organizations should consider adopting MicroServices for applications that have extreme requirements for agility and scalability.


Organizations wishing to obtain greater speed, but do not have extreme scalability requirements, can obtain good results with the use of miniservices. Miniservices and microservices are compatible with other models of architecture. Most organizations that have adopted the MSA imposed the paradigm in an iterative manner to existing applications. They refill their monolithic applications and services and create miniservices and microservices just for the features of the application that require agility and scalability.

Docker Containers

Docker Containers Benefits

  • Agility – facilitates a cd practice. It allows an organization to deploy new application features as quickly as they can be developed.
  • Risk reduction – because deployments are small and independent, the risk associated with each implementation is reduced.
  • Distributed development – reduces dependencies between components, which allows resource teams to work more autonomously.
  • Technology flexibility – because microservices are poorly coupled, development teams can use a variety of technologies to implement the different facets of an application.
  • Scalability – provides the means to scale only those parts of an application that cause contention and bottlenecks.

What is the current customer problem?


Very long time between releases of new releases of an application.


Significant expenses with tests for release of new version.


High lead time for bug fixes.


High cost to scale your application.

How can this service help you solve?

Dividing the application into smaller ones that integrate, leaving a scenario from a large block to several micro blocks. We multiplied the launch of new features and fixes, in addition to making the tests restricted to the micro block.

How we do (implement) this service?

We use proven architectural design, frameworks, patterns and techniques, implemented in major worldwide success stories such as Netflix and Spotify.

We bring to the business of our customers the same results of scalability, maintenance and agility in building and delivering software, obtained by these great players.

Why Deal

Deal has technical know-how and successful cases in large corporations in the implementation or migration of architecture in microservices and containerization.