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IoT Project

We carried out an iot project for one of the largest retail banks in Brazil, using itg, which allowed us to evaluate several zero-client models in a short period of time. We employ a set of methods, tools and processes to test new types of computers (zero-clients).


With the automation of the process, the need for full-time people monitoring the system was avoided, and automated logs of the collected information were avoided. The system also warns, in real time, faults that occur during the tests, through messages that are displayed on the smartphone.


Already with the storage of the data, it was possible to detect anomalies and the possibility of applying machine learning in the future. With this, it will be possible to perform, in an automated way, load tests, logical and physical monitoring by means of external sensors.

Zero-Clients Certification Process

  • Virtualization tests with zero-clients running different linux distributions and also windows;
  • Peripheral validation test, used in bank operations within the virtualized environment;
  • Execution of the stress tests in 9 zero-clients, analysis and technical inspection of the hardware and final reports;
  • Knowledge transfer in loco to client’s collaborators;
  • Elaboration of a questionnaire for the homologation of suppliers for zero-clients;
  • Generation of evidence in video and matrix presentation of tests;

Equipment used in the testing gateway.
Hardware used:

  • 3g router;
  • IoT surfboard;
  • Raspberry pi;
  • Sensors of temperature, humidity, power consumption.


  • Application in node-red for monitoring, logs in mongodb and analysis of execution of tests;
  • Linux server with raspberry pi configured as i.t.g. server containing mongodb server, git, node-red and mosquitto;

ITG (multi-platform framework for automated testing and monitoring management)

Implantation of virtual machines initially in agencies, and later, in all the technological part of the bank, thus eliminating several expenses (that you can get in the very presentation of the vsd).

The main tests were:

  • Ensure a technically and financially viable
  • Ensure endpoints (various peripherals) work through virtualized machines
  • Ensuring os and legacy systems work
  • Making a client zero disposable, that is, the agency user could easily change the device without the need to
  • Involve the infrastructure area of the bank.

And the expected result was:

  • Reduce costs (energy, infra, people)

6 de June de 2018