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BI, Analytics & Big Data

In 2014 Deal went on to offer for your customers a new line of big data-based services to meet the latest technological demands of the market.

To this end, deal has invested massively in the qualification of yours professionals and acquired companies specializing in technology.


Collection, organization, analysis and sharing of data from different systems are active companies. Bi provides qualitative information that enable more secure decisions and actions well directed to the competitiveness in the market, creating opportunities and market growth. We turn the differential information of your business.

Big Data Analytics

Companies and people never produced so much information and every day the amount increases more. Millions of email every day, increasing data growth in telephone networks, posts in text, photo and video on social networks. Business models are increasingly based on connectivity and systems (ERP, CRM, and many others) by accelerating companies. We have great knowledge to produce the perfect solution to accelerate your business with BI, analytics and big data.

Cetax Consulting is a Deal Group Company specializing in business intelligence & big data. It has been operating since 2000, guiding companies to transform their data into valuable information that transform their business.