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Innovation Labs

Our LAB is a research area of computing dedicated to seek methods or computing devices which have or multiply the rational human being’s capacity to solve problems, think or, broadly, be smart.


Our interdisciplinary team is composed of professionals with skills in electronics, aerospace engineering and computing. This allows you to cover some vertical technology and designing hardware, custom electronic circuitry for each situation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Machine Learning

Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitoring and controlingt in real time physical device through data obtained by remote sensing systems.

What we do:

We develop proofs of concept and prototypes for validation of needs.

Our CoLab develops solutions integrating iot, data science and artificial intelligence.

Segments with the greatest potential of IoT solutions in Brazil

Smart Cities 0

Smart Agribusiness 0

Smart Industry 0

Smart Power Grid 0

Smart House 0

Smart Health 0

Smart Car 0


Process of IoT


Design of the solution


Construction of the solution


Installation of the solution



Artificial Inteligence (AI)


Understanding and treating large volumes of data.

Human processes automation of high level of complexity, as identification of images, audio and video recognition, analysis and interpretation of texts, among other applications.

Creating predictive algorithms for security, investments, market monitoring and services.

What we do:

Using intelligent algorithms and using innovative techniques such as the use of neural networks, statistical processes and methods for regression and classification.

Integration with major market players and their api's with state-of-the-art solutions.

Machine Learning

Automate tasks with a high level of abstraction, which seemed impossible by classic computational.

Analysis of complex situations from large amounts of data.

Quickly identify patterns and trends.

What we do:

Using recent advances in the area of deep learning for training neural networks, with high degree of assertiveness in pattern recognition, as in the images and audio.

Sorting and getting trends and indicators from large volumes of data.